"I don’t want you to love me, if you don’t wanna love me for me."

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Demi Lovato & Ariana Grande ● “Better Be Careful What You Say…”

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WOOHOO! <3 23! Shit, I’m old.

Alex DeLeon covering One Directions’ What Makes You Beautiful. So fuckin’ perfect. <3

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Oh, my birthday will be great. <3

Getting one direction tickets for their concert at the Amway Center and trying to score a backstage pass. :P My original birthday plans may have been ruined, so going to see them and meeting them will be just as amazing. -Dances- And Harry Styles! <3 That boy’s gorgeous.

That girl had to lose everything before she got her happily ever after! <3 I love them so fuckin’ much. Just… perfection!

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“Clare, I just - I need to know if you mean what I think you mean.”

*#@&@^##*!@ :OOOOOO I knew it! <3 Eclare and Fimogen scenes in this episode were all I cared about xDDDDDD

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